Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Homeward bound

Tuesday 21st August

Well, it's all in the suitcases. Slightly heavier than on the outward trip, but otherwise no real expansion. First job for the day was wash and vacuum the car then we hit the road towards Heathrow. Having time to kill we took a slight detour to Silchester Roman Village from the 1st century BC. Not a huge amount to see of the old village except for parts of the wall and gates, and the amphitheatre.

A small section of the Roman wall.

Part of one of the gates - under restoration. These walls are 3m high
but in their original state were 7m high.

Only the centre circle remains and the banks around the centre.
Wooden seats would have been tiered up the banks.
Had lunch at a pub along the road and easily found our way to the Park Inn Radisson near the airport. I booked this hotel because it was close to where we had to return the car and I figured we could walk back to the hotel after dropping the car. So, how close are we? Across the road! So easy. No dramas returning the car and now we are just marking time till we fly tomorrow night.


  1. Safe travels home with your suitcases of memories. Loved travelling with you via your blog and Facebook. The weekend weather is predicted sunshine.

  2. Thank you for all your blog posts. I enjoyed your trip!

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